Canada Friend, Trump Foe?...


  • Canada fought alongside the U.S. in WWI, WWII, Korea.
  • We provided non combat roles in Vietnam and harboured American conscientious objectors.
  • We joined the US-led coalition force in the Gulf and Afghanistan wars.
  • We provided logistical supply support in the Iraq war.
  • We participated in the Libyan war as part of the U.N. resolution through NATO.
  • In 1954, Canada provided the land and the manpower to build the DEW Line (Distant Early Warning) for Americans to be protected from any Russian attack during the Cold War.
  • For decades, Canadian firefighters have fought wildfires across the border, most recently in the rampaging California blaze.
  • Canadian police agencies regularly cooperate and partner with American agencies in preventing/stopping all manner of crimes.
  • And during 9/11, we quite literally became the landing strip for hundreds of American planes forced down after the terrorist attacks, and Canadian firefighters made their way to New York City’s Ground Zero in the frantic attempt to look for survivors.

Courtesy Mysteries of Canada

 The cross-border list of fellowship is virtually an endless one. Americans and Canadians may be divided by an invisible 49th parallel but we all share the same aspirations, we have the same cultural values and quality of life. We are simply in lingo terms, well-bonded brothers from another mother.

Over a 100 years of friendship and trust blown away by one Donald J. Trump???

The American President declared Canada a “security risk” all because he decided our trading procedures were not what he wanted, despite being pushed for by the Americans and negotiated through NAFTA.

If Donald Trump doesn’t get his way with someone, the other party is evil, a danger and just plain wrong.

I believe Trump is bereft of all long term memory and a severely disabled short term.

For good bad or evil, at least we Canadians know that this alt Right lunatic will be gone from power in eight years (if, as Bill Maher fears, Americans will again vote with their wallet and not with their head, due to the robust economy resulting NOT from Trump but from the restoring acts put in place by President Obama after the ’08 crash), but what do we do to maintain good cross-border relations until Don is gone?

Trump threatens tariffs, yet we hold most of the natural resource cards; for one, keeping California in water for literally pennies on the dollar.

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has said he does not want to hurt American farmers nor any other American grower/manufacturer, but he has also stated that we will not be pushed around.
This American era of Trump has gone from bombastic, to a North American embarrassment, to morphing into potential harm. No country in the G7 has to put up with bullying from that man (all the while his poor wife, Melania, vigorously campaigns against that very thing ).

I have no idea what was said in Quebec after Don stormed out of the G7 meeting to meet with his new bestie, Kim, but I pray it was a time when the remaining G6 seriously put their heads together to stop this red tie and comb-over menace. Donald may be the King of the global Castle but the rest of us are holding up his foundation. A king can easily plummet to the ground if his foundation falls.
This article is a polite plea to our fellow North American friends, cousins, blood brothers-in-arms — please, do not vote again for Trump. If for whatever reasons Mueller can’t indict and/or the Senate isn’t able to vote to impeach, please, do your individual part to sustain our cross-border bond and oust this cretin in 2020.

No good can come from division, not after all these years of friendship. Let’s stay the course, keep our trust and bond intact, and please, in the upcoming mid term and general elections, vote with reason and not your wallet. If your god is still money, look to the Big Picture. Trump will cause long terms losses, not gains — economical, material and emotional. No Canadian nor American needs that.
Get out to vote, endure those long gerrymandered lines, and vote for anyone BUT Trump. Hell, since The Donald fiasco, even Nixon is looking rather quaint and romantic and Romney doesn’t seem as Mormon cultish anymore to us Canucks.

Don’t let this 21st century dictator wannabe ruin what we two nations have fought for and died for in building such a solid alliance. Divide and conquer only works if you let the idiot have his way. Don’t let spoiled Donny have his way again.

Canada IS Trust.
Canada IS Safety.
Canada IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE your Friend.

My southern neighbours, show in November and 2020 that those statements are true to you.
We Canadians patiently, politely await your say.