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When Did Being PC Usurp Being Polite?

I looked at the article for some time…like someone would who could not process what they were seeing, reading; like somehow, part of the brain I needed for comprehension had no past reference to assist in this task.
Being polite. We are all human. We are all ladies or gentlemen, despite how we happen to see ourselves in the mirror, are we not?
Caitlyn Jenner is a lady, right? George Michael was a gentleman, was he not?
If you offer a polite salutation now, somehow, this is offensive?
And as far as I know, no matter what we call ourselves or how we identify sexually, we are still human, and to date, can, and should desire to, be civil?
Or is our world pushing away all modes of civility to make way for the preferred notion of PCing all of us into unidentifiable robots? Like, somehow, to identify as anything is offensive in and of itself. I am not trying to sound like an asshole here (but to some, I’m sure I do)but from where I’m sitting, society is close to hitting a reaso…

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