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Most Frightening Moment of My Wee Life...

Age 3, 1967, Orangeville, Ontario

Funeral of my father's brother-in-law's father.
Yes, small towns seek out any entertainment.

My mother holds my hand as we enter this weird place - plush red carpeting, so thick no footsteps could be heard, fake triad candle light fixtures affixed to the dark walnut panelling, the fake flames flickered.

That entryway led to the main room. People, adults, talking in whispers, all in dark suits or formal dresses, hats, gloves, real linen handkerchiefs being blown into...the sobbing between sniffles...

I'm so small. All I really see is legs.
Mom says, "Wait here."
Wait here?! I thought. No way in Candy Land Hell was I going to stand alone in this moving nightmare! I'm only 3 but I know ridiculous when I see it!

I follow my mom, right through the milling crowd.
She ends up at this long wooden box, so big, so shiny. I quick calculate how many Barbie dolls could fit in this brass-handled beauty. Answer: a lot! Mo…

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