Trump Releases JFK...


I could end this article right here by saying, “It’s about time.” 
This may be the one good thing to come out of Right Wingnut Trump and his three-ring circus Administration.

The Initial Thought: At last! The final paper dump will get the CTers — Conspiracy Theorists — to shut the hell up about Dealey and move on to more pressing issues like how DO they get the caramel in the Caramilk bars and if there’s no Santa then how come Man invented chimneys?

The Second Thought: Crikey! It won’t matter. The CTers will harp on any redacted lines or accuse the Trump Administration of holding back some airy-fairy crucial pages that, in fact, tell us WHO put the caramel in the Caramilk bars and WHY Santa is a CIA operative.

The Third Thought: Hang on! Wait a darn tootin’ sec! Most CTers ARE Right Wingnuts. Trump is the Leader of said Wingnuts. By default, CTers have to believe in their leader! Right?!

Is there hope?
Is there promise?
Is there light at the end of this delusional tunnel?
Can the JFK assassination stagnation finally be put to an end?

Courtesy JFK Lancer
Come this Friday, We, who have actually read ALL 26 VOLUMES of the Warren Report (and let me tell you, that We is mighty small), shall we’ve always known. 

But will the final fling of declassified papers be enough to facilitate silence among the naysayer Peanut Gallery? Will the url link swaps to rumour, innuendo, third party hearsay and junk science finally come to an end? Will the autopsy pics finally be allowed to fade away and can we finally put Jack to rest?

Will we all realize that the men under Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren actually did a thorough job in uncovering the truth? Yes, the blow-by-blow, shot-by-shot whole-truth-and-nothing-but that occurred on that sunny November day more than a half century ago.

CTers often cite the HSCA — House Select Committee on Assassinations — as conducting a more thorough job than the Warren boys. And after those many entertaining days of testimony, their result of a probable conspiracy was based on 1) a Dallas motorcycle cop’s radio being stuck in the On position, recording what sounded like more than 3 shots, and 2) that due to some FBI mobster eavesdropping, the CIA had blood on its hands.

The cop recording has since been debunked.

And no mobster alive then, even on their Sicilian-Catholic confessional-inclined deathbeds, coughed up a shooter or a CIA contact.

54 years. And no “Ah ha!” moment. Not. A. One.

So, I’m counting the minutes until Friday…

I’m praying the redacting is nil.

I’m readying my black dress and polishing my black heels in preparation for a funeral that should have ended five decades ago.

What will happen to these committed CTers once they realize their raison d’etre had no meaning? Will their mouths and their keystrokes finally grow silent? Will they recycle the wads of paper in their basement filing cabinets that in five decades have become jam-packed with tampered photos and erroneous documentation? Will they accept the Lone Wolf result as the only viable result there ever was? And will they finally come to grips with the reality that this was a simple crime committed by a simpleton criminal, who happened to pick as his second target the Leader of the Free World when his first shot at being infamous missed by inches another Right Wingnut, General Edwin Walker ?
Courtesy Bottom-
In police terms, the JFK murder was a open and shut case. 

The evidence was overwhelming — hard and circumstantial. Hell, even the Magic Bullet Theory was debunked when the Warren boys and the Tell-All crazies realized the JFK limo back seat was at a far different height and angle than that of the Connally jump-seat.

There were no more bullets. 
There were no more shooters. 

And if there had been a second shooter on the Grassy Knoll, Zapruder and his secretary, not to mention the three male bystanders on the Knoll steps, would have had to have worn Depends underwear to protect themselves from that all-too-close muzzle blast.


The reasoned conclusion arrived at by rational beings: there was no mysterious anybody hidden among those live oak trees, as much as may be conjured by hysterical folks.
There was no smoke emanating from the Knoll fence. (As an aside, in the movie JFK, Oliver Stone had a devil of a time making smoke appear from any gun for that sinister scene and was forced to use a smoke machine instead).

There was no sewer grate shooter, no second floor Dal Tex shooter, no 7th floor Depository shooter, and by God already will ya leave the limo driver, Bill Greer, alone! That poor wee devoted Irishman has been your fake bad guy shooter so long it has tested the mettle of all of us intelligent, well-read Guinness guzzlers! Let that poor INNOCENT man rest in peace.
Courtesy JFK Assassination Forum

Yes, Friday, the caisson will roll, creaking wheels and all.
The riderless horse will walk and whinny at the crowds.
The snare drums will rhythmically pound out Jack’s final march into the eternal. And We all will cross the Potomac one last time.
Courtesy Angela B. Pan

If by Saturday, the CT chatter begins anew, We reasoned few who never relied on Tell-All books to tell us anything even close to the truth… (Fun Fact: percentage of Americans who believe there was a conspiracy more or less equate to the percentage of Americans who have never read one page of the Warren Report)…well, We will have to be silent about the decks of John’s PT 109 and know that no amount of facts will stop the tide of fiction in the hearts of rudderless men.

Jack once boasted that he had read every book in his own library. For CTers, you may not recognize that art over a mere glancing at websites, highlighting factoids in juicy Tell-Alls and debating said in online forums or at folding tables strewn about the Grassy Knoll. That societal art, as Jack’s poor corpse, is well mouldering in the grave.

Yes, the final tear will be shed and the last sob be heard in the crisp November air. The 37th Cadet Class Irish Defence Force will play graveside, Taps will be bugled and the 21 gun salute will again be all-too jarring, considering Jack’s end.

But a final sound-off there will be to a man who should have been laid to rest long ago. We reasoned few will experience it all again, and for good, this time.
Courtesy PBS

And the eternal flame will give everlasting light to the truth that was always resting there.

If Fate would have it that Trump’s rise to power was only to close the door on the irrational and emotional thoughts of men refusing to believe that a great American man can be gunned down by a pathetic American man, then sobeit. 

It seems providential that the story of Camelot truly ends with a 21st century Right Wingnut taking a shot at his own political base to prove a 20th century Left Wingnut killed a classical Liberal.

America can seem so comical once you wipe away your tears.