Truth is Militant...

Before the phrase Politically Correct was coined, how did the world actually work?

I remember my mother saying to me, "It's okay to tell White Lies if they keep from hurting someone."

At age 7, that kind of made sense, and I took that motto with me all the way through grade school and university and even into my part-time retail job that paid for university, that if a customer the size of an 18 wheeler semi asked me if that horizontal striped shirt looked great on her, I'd smile, jauntily nod, and say, "Nobody can carry that look off like you!"

Heck, once my friends started popping out babies, I'd look at each breathing, crying, pooping new born amoeba (all new-borns look like amoebas, okay!), and say, "Yes, he/she is the sweetest thing since sugar!"

*Yawn* that's me being nice to not hurt someone's feelings...

BANG! ZOOM! It's 2017, and the polite gloves are off and the raised by wolves mentality reigns!

Now, not only will we tell you you're ugly and your mother dresses you funny, we will copy and paste a link to you of a paper bag & potato sack company you can use to cover your ugly self so the world's eyes don't have to bleed out at the sight of you. And SOMEONE ONLINE will give us a Like for that!

I'm thinking the world has turned upside down in this technological Renaissance.

Back in the day:
To protect feelings, a White Lie.
To protect the world from serious woes, the Truth.

To protect feelings, Online Shaming.
To protect the world from serious woes, Group Think PC.

I go on Twitter, and if I disagree with the norm on a serious issue, however abnormal that norm is, I get a pantheon on hateful tweets for even voicing an opposing opinion. Same with Facebook.

I cannot discuss the future of the writing industry, what I think about the American obsession with race or debunk any so-called Conspiracy Theory without the Groupies coming out in swarms to smother me in their own brand of Group Think PC. It's like being the only person on a bridge trying to save a jumper and all the people in the cars on that bridge screeching to a stop to pull me away from doing, saying, what is reasonable, natural, normal.

To answer the above:
  • I don't think there should be Affirmative Action applied to any profession for any group. You should be offered entrance on ability alone. Period. And that goes doubly for the writing industry.
  • Americans have got to STOP THINKING ABOUT RACE for bloody once in their 200+ year life and start thinking people, just plain people, who happen to be American. Simply, human beings breathing air.
  • Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK, and he did it alone. I read all 26 volumes of the Warren Report, have you?
  • We went to the Moon in '69. Those reflecting squares didn't fly there on their own!
  • 9/11 was not a bloody inside job. For cryin' out loud!
  • And the Newtown murders of wee children actually happened. I'm so very sorry, but they did.
 Truth is ugly. It's base and often it's boring. But it's real. And believing in it, or not, doesn't alter that fact.

Before you Group Think Groupies go off on an uttered Truth, sit back, use the brain God gave you, and consider that there might just be truth to that Truth, and in doing so, you might learn something...hopefully, to not be a PC Groupie.