Un-cocked On Gun Control…

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You know…
I started a post quite some time ago on the subject of Gun Control when Newtown hit the news but I just couldn’t finish it without rage confusing the issue.
And now, well, maybe, especially now, after time has elapsed, that rage has turned into disgust, that there is a fringe element in the States that actually wants to slap the faces of those 27 dead souls and their surviving family members by suggesting Newtown was a hoax.
I could NOT believe my eyes nor my ears on this one.
But people, who have no real lives of their own and who yearn for excitement through the “conspiracy game”, and who like sheep, willingly go to their own morality slaughter because they have lost the ability to reason on their own, always ooze out of the woodwork at times like these, don’t they? It was expected with the JFK assassination, it was tolerated with Bobby Kennedy’s murder, heck, we even managed to humour those backwoods “prophets” who just KNEW the Moon Landings were faked, those same people also KNOWING FOR SURE aliens landed at Roswell.
Conspiracy Theorists are a dime-a-dozen and basically a harmless bunch, but when, in the name of supposed “gun rights”, they up the ante and purposely malign the reputation of innocent souls, that’s when you know the patients in the One-Flew-Over-The-Cuckoo’s-Nest-American-Human Condition have truly taken over the asylum.
I have lost so-called “friends” over this issue yet I doubt I’m the only one. You cannot reason with people who don’t have the ability. It’s like, I’m sure, when Ferdinand Magellan made his trans-oceanic voyage in the early 1500s and came back asserting the world was anything but flat, there would have been a sector of the unwashed whacky masses who cried in retort, “No way, Juan, man! Just yesterday, my friend Federico went for a fishing boat ride and he NEVER came back! Flat, I say, Flat!”   
What these modern-day Conspiracy and Gun Rights whackos seem to forget is why they feel compelled to think this way in the first place. This mindset has been at the core of the American Human Condition ever since the Republic was formed, because the Republic was born out of thirst to seek independence from the British Empire, then, the greatest power on earth. And since then, there has always been an underlying American fear that the British would return one day to claim what was once theirs.
Fear and Paranoia are the blood and plasma of the American psyche. And Conspiracy and Doubt are its arteries.
And because of that unique Group Think, the Founding Fathers of the Republic felt there had to be legal measures put in place, in the form of a Constitutional Amendment, to protect its citizens from such an invasion in the form of a Right To Bear Arms caveat. Predictably, the original 2nd Amendment wording spoke directly and solely to the Right to form a Militia in times of national defence and no where in that Amendment were rights given to citizens to arm themselves for ANY other reason. Period.
But yes, as time went on, the Gun Industry in the States became one of the strongest manufacturing sectors, so there came a corporate/for-profit impetus to amend the 2nd to allow for individual gun rights to provide for a nationwide sale of arms to one and all for any personal self-defence reason. The gun industry lobbyists back then knew darn well that if the 2nd was widened to allow for every man and woman to arm themselves, their manufacturing, distribution and sales future would be eternally bright. Lobbying isn’t just a 20th and 21st century game, you know, and I think when the Founding Fathers initially wrote the 2nd, they just never took that into consideration - that power and money would trump necessity, or heck, even reason, in when and how the country became armed.
Flash forward some countless decades and what was a rather conservative and responsible take on the idea of national self-defence, morphed into an insane desire for personal power and revenge, which then gave birth to fully automatic assault rifles and 30 round clips, which in turn gave birth to Columbine, Aurora, and now Newtown.2ndAmendment-ConspiracyTheory-GunControl-GunRights-Newtown-SocialCommentary 2
If it wasn’t bad enough - the unspeakable slaughter of 20 six year olds - North Americans are now being shot by an extremist population declaring that Newtown was a hoax, that like the Moon Landings it just never happened: the parents of those kiddies were faking for the camera, the newsmen weren’t even there, heck, it was just some political ploy at the behest of the American Devil – “Blacky-McBlack, McMuslim” Obama (a spoof on Bill Maher’s spoof!) – and his yet unknown Evil Master Plan (notice black hat, only EVIL people who have Evil Master Plans wear Black Hats, right?) – to ravage the Rights from every man, woman and child in the good ol’ U.S. of A. (like the dude doesn’t have enough on his plate fixing the economic crap the Republicans left at the Whitehouse doorstep when they skulked out of town!).
Yeah, that’s right, folks, your Prez orchestrated this entire deal at Newtown JUST to get you where it hurts the most – your power and your pride!
It’s truly amazing that the reasonable Americans (and I know you’re out there, I can hear you breathing!) don’t create their own Militias these days just to defend themselves from their own wacky gun-tottin’ citizens.
It doesn’t matter that a gazillion first-responders and media from all over the world rushed to Sandy Hook, it doesn’t matter that dozens upon dozens of people have directly witnessed the bodily ravages of those little kiddies (the term “riddled” with bullets has been used to describe the state of those wee bodies, for assault rifles can inflict incredible damage on a small child), heck, it doesn’t even hit the radar screen that countless lives have been destroyed - those that were the closest to these poor victims - forever.
Nope. Conspiracy Theorists and Gun Rights wackos don’t need to work within reason and logic, their only bar is fear and paranoia and that impetus is never burdened by something inconsequential as evidentiary proof.
Like the Middle East in their attempts to crawl out of the Dark Ages as per Human Rights and Freedoms, the U.S. has some evolving to do as well. Of course, when you say this to a wacko American, all he sees is red and shuts down further any attempt to self-assess in order to self-correct. The idea that weapons are needed in a society is a cultural paradigm, one, as I’ve said, for the Americans, stemming solely from a fear of being over-taken by a foreign power or some home-grown revolutionary group. They have never grown away from that fear even though such a threat is now beyond negligible. This fear is what has made their Military Industrial Complex a so out-of-control monstrosity and it is what drives its citizens to individually arms themselves, ironically, against themselves. They believe a good quality life must include gun ownership and it’s that belief that is out-dated and causing them so much internal damage. They, like the Muslim Middle East, don’t even recognize the oxymoron in their antiquated thought, so how does one alter a nation’s consciousness when they have no realization that there is even a need for change?
Their saving grace: Newtown. Possibly. And like the Middle East: Social Media.
An awakening of the souls in that country, that what they “thought” was the right way to live, that worked well for them in the days gone by – the OK Corral, Dodge City, High Noon mentality – is no longer warranted nor even working for them now, and like the manufacturing out-sourcing dilemma North America is facing, 21st century technology is making way for new jobs and a differently trained domestic workforce. It’s called Societal Growing Pains and when one is in the midst of said, the hurt hurts so bad, the reasoned trees of Change can’t be seen for the economic poverty and power-hungry forest.
Americans are by nature a very arrogant bunch, so the thought that they might not be walking the right walk, just the assertion of said, is enough to shut them down to alternative ways of thinking and living. The Commonwealth countries learned quite some time ago that the Gun Mentality is not the path to prosperity nor happiness and have instituted real and pervasive, positive change for its citizens. These countries do just nicely not having any so-called 2nd Amendment and the average home-owner doesn’t own even one gun, let alone dozens, and if he does, its the hardly handled, dusty old 306 of his Grandfather’s, used solely for the annual deer. bear or moose-hunting season.
Of course, the retort oft spewed by American gun rights proponents is this>>>
“Knives and bats kill too, ya know!”
Yeah, that’s true, Mr. Whacko-Man, but knives and bats don’t kill at 45 rounds per minute in semi-auto mode alone. One knifing - one kill, one batting - one kill. Not 20 children and 6 adults in mere minutes!
In a country already bursting at the seams with people all fighting for their piece of the Less-Than-1% American Dream pie, saturating the land with as many guns as citizens is NOT the answer. And the awful truth is while these same gun-tottin’ proponents yell their rhetoric from bullet-ridden roof-tops, they never stop to think that their child, wife, uncle or brother could be the next casualty. Sure, surviving family members of the dead know this raw truth now, but they have had to evolve the hard way. The “walking wounded” more than see a need for an American cultural paradigm shift, but that awareness came at a God-awful price.
I have no idea where the U.S. will go from here. I have heard that responsible yet very avid gun owners who are in favour of legislative change are being threatened by these extremists, and of course, losing people from their lives they “thought” were their friends.
The parents of the children lost at Newtown are congregating and I hope that with enough time spent first mourning, then healing to a degree, they will come out of this nightmare stronger than ever before and fight the good fight in the halls of Washington and at future Senate Hearings if there are any on the issue of re-amending the 2nd.
There IS a Silent Majority of good, law-abiding, sane and reasonable Americans out there and they NEED to come to the forefront and make more noise than the oft-loud-squeaky-wheel-that-gets-the-NRA-grease group that is the Conspiracy Theorists/Gun Rights gang. Good Americans, who see the reality of this issue through the cold, hard facts and who have seen the evidence that the 2nd has done more modern damage than good to their country, don’t attack their own slaughtered countrymen with irrational cries of Conspiracy just because they have nothing better to do with their time.
Newtown, amongst all American mass shootings, stands alone in the annuls of gun horror in my opinion. The responsible adults in that country let down their own children all because it was easier to stand by and watch the wackos take over the asylum.
Well, now is the time to take the place back, to fight like never before, to stand up for what is right, even at the cost of alienating so-called friends. If We, who truly felt the devastation and suffered the grief which drowned Newtown in a torrent of blood, do not take a stand now, then when will we ever?
All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Edmund Burke
Say something. Do something. Risk personal and professional harm. Nothing will ever feel as bad as being needlessly shot dead by an unnecessary gun or sitting blithely by and watching it happen to another.


B.J. Thompson said…

Completely HILARIOUS! :D

All "that" coming from an "Anonymous" Commenter...LOL...LOLOLOLLLLLL...:D

I published this tripe because it was just too funny NOT to...:D *spilling my drinky with the uncontrollable chortles here*...:D

Just what I LOVE...a dissenter with NO BALLS and nothing to offer as an intelligent retort but "sticks and stones" flack; hence proving my thesis alllll alongggg about who is running the asylum...:D

Excuse me while I go over here and giggle the barrel off my non-existent gun! :D

I'll take you seriously when a) you cough up a REAL NAME; and b) you manage to cough up some knowledgeable debate points...oh, and don't you worry your empty little head, Anon, I ain't holdin' my breath on either...;)

Martini Mixer said…
Wow there is drama in comments huh? Anyways, in relation to your post, I don't like people who use guns. I believe that arguments or misunderstandings can be and must be settled peacefully since life is too precious to waste.
B.J. Thompson said…
Hi, Martini Mixer, very nice to meet you...:)

Oh yeahhhh, THIS topic, you can't go anywhere on the Net and talk like I do without some serious egg-throwing on the part of the "inbreds" venting their paranoid spleens...;)

Their "attacks" are strictly out of FEAR of the loss of some sort of power they "think" they have with the Right to own guns, so they lash out and never in erudite ways, lemme tell ya...:D

Guns SHOULD be the LAST resort and ONLY owned and operated by people who have had training to do so, not dissimilar to having to go for driver's ed training to get a driver's license, if you ask me.

The problem stems from people who haven't a clue about the maintenance and operation of such weapons, pulling them out at ANY skirmish and KABAM! somebody gets blown away Dirty Harry style just because some guy had his dog go poop on some gun owner's lawn...seriously, it can be that silly an argument and people end up dead!

I totally agree with you, Martini Mixer, the REASONABLE Americans have GOT to speak up now and get their voices heard because for far too long people like Anon here in the above Comments have ruled the day in terms of governmental lobbying through the NRA to allow the original Right to Bear Arms to be so warped as it is now.

You can do ME a favour by continuing to voice YOUR opinion online and with your friends and family and like rain drops in a stream, a torrent of social change CAN occur.

You'll notice how if you stand up to people like Anon here, as like any bully, they skulk away, for they haven't got brain cells to rub together to even intelligently debate this issue.

Thanks so much for Commenting, Martini Mixer, your voice is the voice we NEED to hear so the Anons of this world can be drowned out, once and for all...:)

VERY Respectfully,