The Remains of the Day…

ClosingCeremony-London2012OlympicGames-SocialCommnetary 1
All good things, all great things, all things which make One laugh and smile and forget reality, for even just a while…
all, must come to an end.
Experiences all lived, drinks all drunk, subjects of which were exhausted in any manner, shape or form, from the mundane to the erudite,
all finished, one by one.
Maybe golden, special, priceless “moments” have to be finite in order to be golden, special, priceless…
It’s just the way things have to be.
As I watch the Closing Ceremony, however amazing and full of awe it is, I know the light is slowly starting to dim over London, Our view of Them, from here, the curtain finally closing…
Maybe it’s just good now that We all – all on this Big Blue Marble We call Earth - in a wink of an eye, can travel across that fearsome Pond and in seven hours, can “go back” if We need to. We might never take that journey again but just knowing We could maybe good enough. There is comfort in that. We’re all, all of Us, North America to the UK, only a stone’s throw away, and even if We might never share a pint again at the local “Publican”, nor wave the Union Jack with our Commonwealth neighbours down a long table in a block party, We know, in our hearts, We did, for a time.
That’s good enough for me, I can drink to that, think I will…one more time, for Auld Lang Syne
One Moment Please….
Maybe with the centuries long since passed as water under Our same cultural bridge, We of North America, We, who were once all UKers, now raise Our Western glasses to our Kin, young and old, rich and poor, from the West End to the East, from house to house, from street to street, from bridge to bridge, from field to field and from stream to stream, We, for a time, were welcomed back into the arms of our Own, and We Thank You. You made Us feel very welcome indeed, and We WILL miss You, all so terribly much.
ClosingCeremony-London2012OlympicGames-SocialCommnetary 2As We Canadians fly home in Our typical “Us” Canadian Denim jean jackets,
flying Our flag, the flag celebrating Our land more than Our people, We will take home all the wonderful, loving memories You have given Us, that for a very wee time, You DID think of Us again as Yours, and for a very wee time, I think We were.
Yes, the sun has set now over London, ClosingCeremony-London2012OlympicGames-SocialCommnetary 3the Flame slowly extinguished, the Remains of the Day all done.
Our time of celebration has swiftly come to a close, and finally too, Our glass of jubilation is now empty and the buzz is quickly wearing off. We shall skulk away, Each to Our Own, before You know it, to Our separate corners of this great Dominion, for the light of another dawn brings back reality for Us All and Our shared fantasy would never bode well in the light.

Time Gentlemen Please, It’s Time To Drink Up Your Beer…”
For sleep must come, rest well before the dawn,
We will fight again in the light of another day,
Alone though, separate,
But once, for a time, together, We were,
The warmth of those memories will live on,
And as the black of this night turns into the glow of morrow,
We will again smile, and yes, a different smile, one We will not share, but smile We will,
For it’s not the physical closeness that in the end brightened Our souls,
But the knowledge that We once did inhabit the same time, stand on the same ground, relish together the same cheers and experience the same tears…
Yes, Once, for a time, We Were One.

Good Night, London, Dormez-Vous Bien, A Long Well Deserved Good Night.


Anonymous said…
Nice one ;)
B.J. Thompson said…
Thanks, Anon...wasn't really going for "nice" though, but thank-you all the same...:)