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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lennon Is Dead…

30th Anniversary-John Lennon-MarkDavidChapman 1
…30 years ago tonight…and 30 years ago tonight, I was 30 years younger and he was still alive and older than me…
…now I’m older than him and he’s not…
You can climb all the New York gallery ladders you want and just because you read “Yes” doesn’t mean it is Yes.
John Lennon is dead. And I’m 30 years older and not.

People back then asked WHY?30thAnniversary-JohnLennon-MarkDavidChapman 2

I said why not? So would have John.
Climb the ladder yourself…it says No.
30th Anniversary, John Lennon, Mark David Chapman


Sarah said...

I can sure use your stockpile of alcohol if I have to listen to the Beatles. No really -- what's so great about them anyway? (ok you can start screaming now) Happy Holidays!

MsBurb said...

John wouldn't have disagreed with you, Sarah...

Read my post again...I was channelling John...and have a martini while you're at it...just made a fresh batch!

Nope, no Happy Holidays for me, Sarah, a Merry Christmas, maybe...I hope we all have one of

Anonymous said...

He was our generation's Gandhi. Think about it. They both wore pajamas and espoused peace without gettin' outta bed. Both didn't comb their hair. Both were known to shoot up smack in the backseat of a limo and then drive around in it for days on end. Both had problems with the State Dept.

You might not have always agreed with him or liked his music, but when a man simply states, "give peace a chance",...and then gets shot to death outside of his house, well, you just gotta wonder where the hell the world is goin'.

I dunno.

The irony of it all is obscene.



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