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Saturday, November 20, 2010



Is there ever been a moment in time when you have felt that no matter what you do or say, there was no way out, no way to win, just no winning for trying?

I’m gonna assume there was…for there has been for me…because I’ll assume the obvious, I will die, alone…all of many unknowing…

Do you, have you. ever met someone, the epitome of life, the essence of living, that when in their presence, your existence is dwarfed by comparison?

I have.

Have you?

Maybe some of us are just not meant to be as gifted, huh, as special, as rare…maybe some of us are just wasting oxygen on this earth while others breathe every breath as golden, as sweet, as pure, as every breath they take…

For those, I bow, in front of me, for I feel ashamed…for the lesser of us, for most of us are lesser than we should be…

If there was one way of those of less less gifted, who could pay back those of us that were, maybe then those of us less gifted would feel better about breathing oxygen more deserving…

Maybe the lesser of us, my job, is to point out the very lesser of us, who are, to validate the greater of us, when no one does…

Maybe, when all is said an done, the greater will meet with the lesser and we will mesh to a bigger substance than neither one of us could have done alone…maybe

If not, I am left in the dark, alone and crying, for a meaning to my life, when all else fails…when all else fails…

Do you know more than I? I wonder.

B3, Burb's Buck & Buntline Inn, Hopelessness


Bruce Coltin said...

Burb, you have been drinking alone again, and you know how morose that can make you, especially this time of year. I want you to put the glass down and come out for a walk.

I am not saying that I do not enjoy your seriousness and your desire to examine, because I do, but right now, let us go listen to the birds.

MsBurb said...

It's that obvious, huh? (giggle)

If only it were that walk outside and listen to the birds...maybe it is...

I'll bring my cocktail shaker with me, Bruce, just in case it's not, okay? ;)

xxx Ava

Sarah said...

In the end dying is a lonely thing for all of us. But you're still young and vibrant. Go out and enjoy it (and maybe move away from Calgary)!

MsBurb said...

Awwwwww Sarah, I'm good, you know me...Irish + Cocktails = Blog Blather...:D

It was rather a sense of hopelessness of the moment than of life...I think I ran out of Rum and you know that ain't a good idea for me...;)


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