Pearl Harbour Meets Ground Zero…

GroundZero-Mosque-NewYork 1 You know…I'm NOT a blogging fashionista…but geez…
The events of late are just making my mind ZOOM back to December 8, 1941.
Noooooooooo, I didn’t get that wrong…December 8th, NOT December 7th…
On December 8th, and the days, months and years to follow, I don’t know this for sure, but damned if I EVER read that the Japanese planned to build a Shinto Shrine right beside the USS Arizona War Memorial…do you?
And for the umpteen decades since, yep, nooooooo Shinto Shrine has ever been proffered as an idea, much less a reality, at or anywhere near the Pearl Harbour War Memorial…go figure huh?
Could it be because the humble citizens of Japan have always felt that the blitz that day on Pearl Harbour was not the thing to do, even in war time? Yes, there are no rules in love and war but maybe, even the Japanese had enough love in their hearts to eventually taste the bitterness of that day for themselves…if even to admit that their one-day greediness was enough to bring down an entire Empire…
September 11, 2001…
The SECOND day which will live in infamy, right? Like the first one wasn’t enough.
Ground Zero maybe a tad more political extremist connected than Pearl Harbour but death and destruction is death and destruction, no matter how you pry the pulverized bodies from the wreckage, right?
Flash forward some sixty years and we have an “enemy” that doesn’t seem to care one bit about the rules of engagement or their means to an end, no matter how crass and bestial they may be.
Again, I keep repeating myself these days, but THIS is what happens when you let cousins boink cousins! The fruit of those loins come out as Jihadists who think the end-all and be-all is in the Muslim faith because if they kill in the name of it, these horny buggars will get 70 virgins as their celestial reward…sigh…
And, in the meantime, slapping us North Americans in the FACE by building a mosque at Ground Zero is the next best thing!
And, you know what? The States elected a black President, from the “X”s on the ballot slips marked by the ill-educated black citizen American voters, who thinks he has the power to force this mosque down the throats of truly intelligent North American citizens.
Harken back a wee bit…would Roosevelt have allowed a Shinto Shrine to be built at Pearl Harbour, do you think? I won’t waste any binary bytes answering that now for ya…
Yesterday, HAD to love yesterday, when the New Yorkers came out in full force, hard-hats at the ready, willing to sign any goddamned petition out there that promised NO union worker would be willing to work on that mosque building job site!
And yes, the Sharia freaks came out in full force too, with their own crafty ideas, some still secret no doubt, that their political will, will just allow for imported workers to build it instead…answer me this and, and, and
How long will it stand before there’s a mysterious arson fire blowing through its roof, do you think?
Oh yeah, you betcha.
I'm only Canadian, but if there’s a line-up for who gets to light that match…I’ll camp over night at Ground Zero just to be one of the first in line, Man!
If I weren’t so busy being raging mad at this insane proposition, I'd be crying in my Guinness or retching from my gut!
Can we as a North American society have dipped so low as to NOT see the painful and tragic irony of this proposal?
How many times do the victims and surviving family members of 9/11 have to suffer and how many times do the rest of use have to stand by watching it all, feeling utterly helpless?
And how utterly inbred are these Middle Easterners that think that this idea of some sort of religious “bridge-building” has any moral merit???
You blow us to Kingdom Come and we’re supposed to welcome you with open arms?!
Good thing I’m not King of the World, because the day you buggars blew us up, if you weren’t born in North America, your ass WOULD have been in an internment camp awaiting deportation, simple as that. And since then, there would have been a complete BAN on all Middle Eastern immigration. You don’t like my thoughts, then be happy MsBurb ain’t King of the World!
But seriously, a MOSQUE at Ground Zero?!
Yeah, I said Jesus…NOT Mohammed, by the way…sigh…
You wanna pray to “M” instead of “J”, dress your women up in full length curtains and beat the shit out of them if they so much as LOOK at another guy, then sobeit, what you do in YOUR country, I have, and do not want, any control over…
You come over here and try that shit with our NON-INBRED, advanced and evolved citizenry and when we don’t comply to your backwards, bestial desires, you decide to blow us up instead? Then, I have a problem with you…!
And when all your destructive games still don’t work because we know your religious and cultural crap IS crap, you decide that building a mosque, with the political backing of a part Muslim US President, is a good third step towards making us acquiesce to your freaky ways…
Even Yamamoto, after Pearl Harbour, knew that poking a finger at the American Sleeping Giant would come back to bite Japan in the ass…and it did, eventually, and in a BIG way.
Well, you inbred camel herders, guess what? You didn’t read your WWII history books probably because your education system wouldn’t allow for studies involving the “Infidels” (aka North America), and because of your ignorance in that vein, you have never really got to know us, despite your zeal to use our technology (i.e. using Motorola cell phones to start IEDs), so maybe you have just poked at this Sleeping Giant one too many times.
Oh, and by the way, the ONLY reason why you’ve had a second and third kick at our can is because you have something we want and no, its not sand, it’s oil, so we keep letting ya poke at us when we only allowed the Japanese just ONE try. Well, maybe this last poke is going to finally hit home despite our addiction to oil and we’re just gonna poke right back at you!
Just try and build this damn mosque…just try.
I’d venture to say that there’s not ONE naturally born North American that will let that freakish building stand any longer than it took you people to fall the World Trade Towers, blow to smithereens US Airways Flight 93 or to melt the rebar in the Pentagon on 9/11.
Try it. We’ll let ya. Just so we can watch your face when you fail…THIS time.