Coulter Attacks the Left, MsBurb Attacks the Inbred!!!

SaudiArabia-SidatBeheading-SocialCommentary 1 SaudiArabia-SidatBeheading-SocialCommentary 1a You know, I “get” that human beings evolve at different speeds…
I even “get” that human sacrifice was nifty with the Aztecs and then with the idol worshipers before Moses straightened them out…
But geez, you’d think that the same dudes that readily use North American technology – cell phones to set off IEDs – would be intellectually our equals, wouldn’t ya?
Sigh…(can MsBurb pour a cocktail at 10 in the morning without it looking suspicious, she wonders…)
But nooooooo, the same dudes who crawled out of their Bedouin tents to pump oil out of the ground and THEN call themselves the bearers of royalty, are now scheduling at “beheading” of accused “sorcerer”, Lebanese SaudiArabia-SidatBeheading-SocialCommentary 2 Ali Hussain Sibat in Saudi Arabia on Friday.
Yep, all because this dude made a living predicting the future for bucks on a popular Beirut TV show called “Sheherazade” and was stupid enough to cross into Saudi Arabia - an extremist backward country in the Middle East which adheres strictly to Muslim law - to attend the annual religious rights trek known as the SaudiArabia-SidatBeheading-SocialCommentary 3 “Hajj” in Mecca.
Holy cow!!!
Does Saudi Arabia get the American channel A&E, I wonder?
There are so many sooth-sayer/ghost hunter/medium/ESP shows on the air now, I wonder who would entertain me on Monday nights if they were all beheaded here?
Sidat’s case has been appealed to Lebanon’s Prime Minister, the President, Amnesty International and even to Saudi Arabia’s SaudiArabia-SidatBeheading-SocialCommentary 4 King Abdullah, as if talking to a former camel herder is a serious appeal…
Now, I must say that in this pitiful real-life horror story, it’s damn near impossible to tell who is more inbred, Saudi Arabia for being, well, Saudi Arabia, or Sidat for being such a dumb-ass to cross into a country he KNEW took ESP entertainment as anything but, well, entertainment.
And then you have the whole, “Who-in-their-right-mind-beheads-people-anymore?” question. This country’s method makes North America’s SaudiArabia-SidatBeheading-SocialCommentary 5 Jack Kevorkean (Dr. Death) look like an angle in disguise! They can use Intel Processor computers over there to communicate between sleeper cells but, what, they can’t mix a few lethal chemicals to let the guy go out peacefully…and with less mess? Or better yet, just let the little Third-Eye seein’ dude go home to, I hate to admit it, a more advanced Middle East country…like that isn’t the Mother of all Oxymoron's!
I just think there has to be a line drawn in the sand here somewhere…
If you plan on adopting our 21st century technology, then you gotta drop the whole “Bed Sheets ‘R’ Us While We’re A Beheadin’!” persona and get with the game.
Do you have any idea how hard it is to get blood stains off a chopping block, well do ya?!