Obama Pulls Moon Funding…Does This A Conspiracy Make?

2010USFederalBudget-ConstellationProgram-NASA 1Photo: NASA 
One sure way to get the oh, so patriotic 2010USFederalBudget-ConstellationProgram-NASA 2 Mr. Poirot all red-faced and full of fury, is just even “suggest” that Americans never reached the Moon in ‘69, that the rocket went into space but that NASA faked the actual landing…
Don’t even suggest the thought.
Parish the thought.
Or at least, do NOT utter the thought to Mr. Poirot!
And yes…
Only rogue wackos whose diatribes on such a Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories ever reach two people on fringe web sites and on independent docudrama films. And at least one of the two were probably paid to watch.
And yes,
Burb is on a Moon kick right now. I'm obsessive-compulsive and meds would alleviate that problem but Rehab really is for Quitters!…
Yet, after my last two posts on the Moon, I was ready to shelve the Moon, when all of a sudden it was announced this week that President Obama may shelve funding for the NASA Constellation Project in an effort to reduce budget excess in an already excessive federal spending spree.
And 2010USFederalBudget-ConstellationProgram-NASA 3 vroooom, off I went once again, damn the Moon addiction!
But then, in my Moon Mania, a horrible thought entered my mind.
Maybe the President was cancelling the second Moon Landing because he knew we never made the First! Maybe all those wacky nay-Sayers were right! Maybe Obama had to cancel funding for something that can never happen now, because it never happened then!
Hoo Boy!
All those telecasts, all those LIFE and National Geographic magazine photos, all those  ticker-tape parades2010USFederalBudget-ConstellationProgram-NASA 4 for astronauts who never left our atmosphere…
“Perish the thought like Obama is perishing the funding!!!, I thought to myself.
I hope Mr. Poirot doesn’t read this post, I tell ya! (Ohhhh, yeaaaaah, he belongs to B3…oh well…)
The wackos drone on about the 2010USFederalBudget-ConstellationProgram-NASA 5 Van Allen Belt, the lethal radiation, and how the Russians even substituted astronaut Yuri Gagarin for a second rate astronaut, that risking Gagarin’s life even in our own atmosphere was too much of a gamble to take.
And we all poo-poo these wackos and their conspiracy theories of doom.
We remember those heady days, the awe and wonder that befell all of humanity as we, the global community, watched what for all of us seemed like an impossibility…heck, it happened gosh darn it, we know it ‘cause we saw it on TV!
And then Obama freezing, what may be forever, a second Moon Landing, makes that impossibility seem all the more real.
Of course, states such as Florida, Texas and Alabama, who profited from the thousands of jobs in the space industry during the past shuttle missions (none of which ever went high enough to penetrate the Van Allen Belt, by the way), are fighting tooth and nail to restore this funding, citing that a Moon launch will be imperative in our quest for Mars.
But if we never went to the Moon, how are we ever going to Mars?
Okay! We went already! Stop yellin’ at me! Stop laughin’ and pointin’ already! If Burb doesn’t acknowledge the aeronautical elephant in the middle of the room, who will? The wackos? You betcha!
Just watch a bucket-load of shiny-new docudramas hitting the airwaves in the coming days and months, all heralding more or less the same message, “I told ya so! See, even BO knows we didn’t go then, so he’s making an excuse for us not to go now! I told ya so!”
When next 2010USFederalBudget-ConstellationProgram-NASA 6 you download the newest Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory docudrama, don’t say I didn’t tell you so!


Sarah said…
Well there is a slight possibility that they faked the whole thing... (running away with hands protecting the head)
B.J. Thompson said…
LOL, Sarah!

Yeah, duck and cover if you see Mr. Poirot lurking about!!!

Miss ya!
Anonymous said…
The fact that no other country has gotten past the radiation field says to me that we never went to the moon. There were no blast craters underneath the LEM. The flags wave in zero atmosphere. The cross hairs on the hassleblad cameras disappear BEHIND objects. There is more than one light source in many of the photos. There was no dust on the LEM landing pads.

Anyone who uses their "little grey cells" can see THAT,...plain as day, man!