The “One Child Rule” Option is the 900lb Gorilla in Copenhagen Summit Room…

900lbGorillaInTheRoom-CopenhagenSummit-OneChildRule 1 Yeppers, let’s not ruin a completely great idea like an environmental summit with talk on what’s really affecting climate change on this planet, okay?

I mean, Political Correctness above all else, even above the inevitable destruction of us all, just so long as cross-cultural feelings aren’t hurt, right?


Why freakin’ bother then, I say!

Some spew rhetoric that instilling such a rule globally is tantamount to Nazism, or an infringing on the civil rights of others, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…

How can it be either if we all, every country on this globe, adopt such a rule, not to infringe on others, but to save what would inevitably be the complete and total loss of humanity on this planet if we continue to allow our population numbers to exponentially increase as they have?

It’s not hybrid cars.
It’s not neighbourhood recycling.
It’s not car-pool lanes or non-fossil fuel consumption.

It’s Us, plain and simple, and the sooner we face facts, the better the odds of a single human being witnessing another millennium pass by this planet, much less 9+ Billion of us heralding it in.

And yes, God did say, “Go forth and multiply.” And we quickly obeyed him. We dutifully went there, got the friggen T-shirt, and have been wearin’ the same damn garb ever since.

Yet some who still call the old country their home, and others who have ferociously placed the word of God above the reality of our present-day situation, are by their blind devotion to His word, placing now what is thought to be God’s creation in great peril.

These same people who place tribal, backwards customs over global necessity have stubbornly rejected human evolution and personal growth, refusing at all costs to admit that what was once good and necessary for mankind, is now deadly for us all today.

Rather than putting all your self-image eggs in one basket with the retarded belief that the more children you have, the more successful you are, why not adopt the civilized custom of giving more to one or two children, than giving almost nothing to twelve?

And, while you’re at it, stop pushing those “Save The Children” ads in my face on late-night TV when we all know that if adults from those regions adopted birth control as the norm, the need for those annoying ads would instantly go away. I’ll help feed the hungry in this world just as soon as the adults of those countries stop having babies like some kind of steroid-ridden bunnies!

The "One Child Rule" has come up in talking heads shows in Copenhagen and elsewhere since the summit began but no mention of this option has been raised directly by the leaders attending that conference, many of them representing the very countries who desperately need to adopt such a rule if we as a people are ever going to dig our way out of this climate change mess.

China, although prior to their adopting the rule, was one of the biggest instigators in over-population, has now, in it’s wisdom, finally admitted same and legislated the rule for all its citizens for some time now. And as a result, their population has already decreased substantially from what it would have been had they not voluntarily adopted the rule.

The number crunchers have already done the crunching and if we all adopted the "One Child Rule", our 6 Billion could drop by close to half in only a few short decades, and along with wise controls on the use of fossil fuels (i.e. getting the Middle East monkey off our backs!), recycling more than producing, and restoring the natural balance of our environment through the lowering of green-houses gases as a whole, the issues that seem so paramount at this summit today would most likely be moot at future summits down the road.

If no other countries have the balls to legislate what China has already done, then the other option which comes to Burb’s mind is taxing the Hell out of parents for any and all children they have after the first. People become real proactive real fast when you hit them in their wallets over hitting them in the face!

Whatever the way, whatever the means, we as human beings have got to start discussing this option in earnest; for if we don’t, we know damn well the lackeys at Copenhagen never will, in this summit, nor in any other summits yet to come.

You want the answer to our environmental woes? Talk to the 900lb gorilla sitting right beside you!


TheRumSummer said…
You know something I learned in my college Biology/Ecology class has always stuck with me. Animals and plants reach their carrying capacity(k) where they level out based on the amount of resources they have available. This is where their births and deaths reach a stable equilibrium. Humans have yet to reach this point...we keep producing and reproducing. Species that do this hit a point where it maxes out and they use all their available resources. After this point, they basically kill themselves off. Humans have yet to reach their K, I feel. see where I'm going with this.
B.J. Thompson said…
Yes, I do, TheRumSummer,although because humans are often not as resilient as plants/bugs etc. I'm afraid that our Kill level will be felt in one lump sum, and in the millions at a time...

We don't allow Mother Nature to rule entirely over us, as plants and animals do, and in our need to PRESERVE human life, we have a soul which wants to fight that Kill level at all costs...

Is this going against the natural order of things? Yes, it is.

Should we allow whatever kill level to occur as it would normally, eventually anyways? We could.

But it's my personal feeling that God gave us higher intelligence to ward off and fight a predetermined result, and this CAN be done if we just face the facts and stop breeding like goddamned bunnies!

This si NOT rocket science; this is just common sense. And we are allowing our backwards cultural customs to ruin all of mankind in the process...

Mother Nature DOES unfortunately wield her stick and create natural disasters in and of herself, and wipe out hundreds of thousands of people in over-populated 3rd world countries...

Is that cruel and unjust? Probably.

But it's what Mother Nature terms the "Thinning of the Herd" like it or not!
Anonymous said…
Education is the missing ingredient. The upper middle and burgeoning middle class in China rarely need forced abortions or enforcing of the one child rule because those who are better educated with a higher standard of living tend to be too busy and want to hang onto that higher standard of living so they don't have as many children. It's a proven formula. The first step is education, we need to educate and empower about birth control number one, because there is still a rampant issue of dangerous STDs out there being spread, so condoms are absolutely a necessity. This is an issue that encompasses so much that could solve a lot of the disease/poverty issues in the world.
B.J. Thompson said…
Education would have been the answer 4 decades ago Aine, but that solution is a wee bit little, too late now.

If we don't curb our bunny growth rate soon, education will be moot as we will be no more!
Anonymous said…
One child, one family won't ever work. We are looking at the wrong end of life. We have to let people die! It is this prolonging life that is creating the imbalance.

B.J. Thompson said…
Hi AV!

The number crunchers already said it would work! Down to 3.5 Billion in some many decades (I can't remember the correct figure)...

And yes, people ARE living too long now, their savings and their bodies not keeping up with this trend!

But the one child rule sure sounds allot easier than going around one's neighbourhood "off" anyone over the age of 70! (tee hee)

And to AINE & RUM, Thank-you for taking time to comment on this piece...we ALL need to start dialoguing on what some of the hard solutions may have to be! Thank-you!