So Ya Wanna Become "An Official Burbie" Too?!

It’s as easy as this:

- Write a blog post on YOUR BlogSpot which continues the conversation of one of B3’s blog posts
- Link to B3’s post within your post

- Email Burb to let her know you’ve continued the dialogue
…and BLAMO! she will ADD YOUR BLOG LINK to her Burbie Hall of Fame Page and send you “I’m An Official Burbie” badge to put on your blog!>>>

Our goal here at B3 is to start lively conversation on topics of interest that can spread and grow and mature and involve as many bloggers and readers as possible, that again, maybe the Power of the Pen can change thoughts, perceptions, outlooks on issues, small and trivial to large and paramount, thereby changing the world one blog post at a time!

Are YOU in?

Are YOU willing to continue the dialogue?

Do YOU believe in the Power of the Pen?

Do you wanna be An Official Burbie too?

Blog, Back Link and Blab to Burb…and you’re IN!


Anonymous said…
This is a great idea, thanks for offering it. Wish I had thought of it!
I'm posting some reviews on my blog about movies I have seen recently, as soon as I finish posting these, I'll pick a topic and have at it.


B.J. Thompson said…
Grrreat Aine!

Look forward to your post and let me know when it's up so...

a) I can read it if I miss going to your blog at the right time!;
b) Can ADD your blog to B3 Blogger's Hall of Fame!;
c) Send ya my "Official Burbie" badge for your blog's sidebar!

You can pick a post from EITHER one of my blogs, B3 or my Manson blog at TLB2, as this idea applies to BOTH!

Happy Blogging Aine!