Burb Is Handing Over The Helm For A Wee While…

 BurbsBuckandBuntlineInn 1 Yeppers…
Burb is BurbsBuckandBuntlineInn 2 moving into a shiny nice new home ‘til month’s end, soooo, she has decided to hand over the Helm, of this great ship, the HMS Booze-Bulge B3, as it were, to the real expert behind the scenes, her good man Dan!
Yep, Dan is your Go-To Man for everything you could ever want or wish for from your 360 degree inebriated experience here at B3!
Dan will be here to moderate your comments and respond to you in lofty ways the likes of which Burb can only dream, and because he’s so sexy…see this is him,
                                                                                       this is Dan >
I doubt the female B3ers will mind…
(Gosh, isn’t he sexy-looking, oh, okay, you say that’s Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys, yeah…well, but Danny looks JUST LIKE Dennis… wouldn’t kid ya!)
So, til December, that’s right, Dan is ALL YOURS…he will fill your glass, keep the ice cubes cold, sweep the floors and turn off the lights in the blog each night…(and turn’em right back on ‘cause we’re never actually closed ‘round here!)
So, yeah, well, here’s YOUR Man Dan, your Go-To Guy, your everything wrapped up into a neat, sexy, masculine (did I mention sexy?) Pacific Ocean Blue bow…sigh…
I could offer a disclaimer right about now, something along the lines of whatever Dan does blah, blah, blah, blah, blah….ah, but Life is just too damn short.
He’s here; I’m not; suck it up; LATER!
TTFN (hic!)