NASCAR…Some People Are Just Ridiculously Good At What They Do

JimmieJohnson-MattKenseth-NASCAR 4
 JimmieJohnson-MattKenseth-NASCAR 1 I could have put “His” photo at the start of this post, but then, that would just be one more pic of this media darling in this Sprint Cup NASCAR League that we KNOW he just doesn’t need.

And who am I anyways to be babbling on “Him”?

I’m a girl.
I’m a Canadian.
Did I mention I’m a Canadian girl?

But, even this Irish lass has to shake her head at the absolutely outrageous consistency of this driver, that the impossibility of a fourth Championship this driver just may make a possibility!
This guy, “Him”, of course, is JimmieJohnson-MattKenseth-NASCAR 3 Jimmie Johnson, his crew-chief, Chad Knaus and the entire Team Lowe’s Racing are quite literally unbeatable.

With only four races to go, Jimmie has got a 118 point lead over 50 year old Mark Martin, who, yes, it would be a nice for Mark to cap-off to his unheard-of lengthy career, but let’s face it folks, Mark probably won’t be able to pull that aging rabbit out of the hate at this late date.

So what, or rather shall I say, who does that leave?

That leaves Jimmie’s team member Jeff Gordon and “Smoke”, No#14 Tony Stewart back 150 and 192 points respectively. That’s a hard row to hoe in just four races left to go!

Soooo, if you’re following me here, that leaves Jimmie Johnson smelling the scent of a four-peat victory in his midst.

I just can’t bear to watch anymore. I swore at the beginning of this year that if that dude won a fourth Championship, I would give up watching Sprint Cup for good.

And of course, I’m still holding a grudge that my guy, yes, I have one, that my guy didn’t even make the Chase this year, how freakin’ humiliating!

My guy is the driver for the Killer Bees, and if you need me to expound on that moniker then you shouldn’t be reading this post in the first place.
JimmieJohnson-MattKenseth-NASCAR 2
Oh, okay, sigh…it’s my man Matt Kenseth, no#17 Ford, Rousch-Fenway Racing, and their pit crew are, at least for the remainder of this year, called The Killer Bees because of the Dewalt, black and yellow trademark colours.

And, in honour of my guy, it is his car I show at the top of my post, Jimmie be damned!

I’m not sure what I’ll do with myself if I hold myself to my word of dropping the Sunday race from my Life, as that day was reserved for beer, my knitting, my rocking in my Lazy Boy and yelling at my wide screen, “Go Killer Bees Go!”.

Now, I’ll have no excuse to drink beer (but don’t fret people, I’m sure I’ll find one!).
I’ll have no new afghan to call my own, and even if I did, I guess it wouldn’t be in black and yellow.

And the rockin’ and knittin’ would be moot anyways if I didn’t have any excuse to be yellin’ at my wide-screen anymore.

No, this fall is looking bleak. My TV remains in the off position, and the afghan I started at the beginning of this year is now stuffed into a bag and shoved into my closet, unattended, unloved, unfinished.

And what of Jimmie and this aforementioned four-peat? Hell if I know.

Maybe his fans will be ebullient but I don’t think I will. Sure its NASCAR-making history, but no one really wants to see lightening strike four times when the energy isn’t given to their guy, right?

As for the last race, I just don’t know if I’ll watch it or not. My money right now is on “not”. I’d watch to see if Matt could win but if I had to watch Jimmie kiss yet another Sprint Cup trophy my beer would be ruined from all the salty tears…mine.

One Canadian girl’s take on the train-wreck of a Lifetime…

(Photos in order of appearance: NASCAR Official Website, Matt Kenseth Official Website, Team Lowe’s Racing Jimmie Johnson Official Website)