Burb Has Fallen In Love…I hope Ug Is A Boy?!

TheMusingsofUg1 Yes, it’s true…after twelve years of being a widow, Burb has finally found true love!

Yessiree, the squishy. fuzzy, warm kind of love that can only be felt with a certain being.

It happened last night, when on my Uniquely Themed Blogs…Have Some…Want More!!! thread on the Coffee Shop Help Forum, a tiny voice whispered in the night, “The Musings of Ug Random thoughts from a handmade teddy bear.  Sweet and silly, and thoroughly my own.”

Hmmm….I said to myself…

I’ll amble (at this point only one cocktail in me so ambling over wobbling was still an option) on over and check out this “Ug”, I mean, I can’t be notified of the existence of an “Ug” and not want to investigate it, right?

So I insert this meaningless URL into my browser line and POOF! up pops a site with a picture of what can only be described at the most pitiful teddy bear I’ve ever seen! A bear only a Mother could love, or a very far-sighted kid!


This looks like a baby site for expectant Mothers, and at 45, me thinks I have about as much in common with having babies and being one (although the Jury is still out on the age 6 crowd!).

But it was I who was asking for uniquely themed blogs to follow, so I thought I should at least take a peak at what this ugly (oh, shit! nowww I get it! The damn bear is UGly; hence the “Ug”! Lightening speed my mind works…I can leap a talk four-leaf clovers in a single bound with my intellect, I tell ya!) bear had to do with a blog spot, you know.

So, as I read down the page, I find that this homely bear is exactly like old Burb – fridge attacks, secret places, Paid-Programming-portion-of-my-day, debt avalanche, dabbles in Play-Doh, Hell, this bear IS me, I said to myself  (I talk allot to myself; it keeps me from being lonely on cold winter nights!).

This damn bear has a ‘tude, and can cry and think lofty thoughts and is poetic when need be…I’m IN LOVE!!!

All of a sudden what used to be ugly, now looked beautiful and the meaningless blog and its bear now reached to the very depths of my soul.

Ug is a goddamned GENIUS!

And to think it took me 12 years to find this bear!!!

I used to have very little reason to wake up in the morning (could be ‘cause I write about death ‘til dawn) but now that Ug is in my Life, that damn homely bear with its sewn nose and pathetic brown bow is my raison d’etre for getting up and seeing what he’s been up to over night.

Yep, what used to be coffee and autopsy reports has now shifted to coffee and Ug, and I can only hope that this love-affair will last forever…if not longer!


UPDATE: Ug has a girlfriend now. Her name is Calliope. How come all the good ones are already taken?


Ug said…
You just brought Ug a lot of joy! He doesn't have a mouth, but I can see the smile in his eyes ... And he says thank you very much. I hope you enjoy your coffee dates with him!