Afghan War…The Difference Between Draft & Volunteer

No LIFE Magazine shots of the dead.
No press coverage of the metal, flag strewn coffins coming home on Hercules aircraft.
No Hippies or University students camping out on the Washington Mall.
No draft cards being burned by healthy, young 18 year old boys refusing to go to war.
Yes, there are allot of things missing from the war being fought in Afghanistan, that were very evident during the Vietnam war, except for the dead boys coming home in coffins we no longer see.
Yes, eight more brave American soldiers gave their lives in the four day long  Battle of Wanat, an Afghan village outpost near the Pakistani border that has been nicknamed “Al Qaeda Haven”.
One of many deadly battles being fought by American and Coalition forces in this eight year-long war the Pentagon has dubbed “The Long War”.
One wonders just how long this “Long War” is going to be; yet, from where I’m sitting, in Canada, this war could have been a heck of a lot shorter but not for the scenic detour former President Bush took through Iraq, thousands of miles away from the 9/11 bad guys, with an insurgent war still raging in that country now, only to return to where it all began, years later and needless body bags filled.
Yes, the U.S. Military is now fortified with volunteers instead of draftees – the vision Nixon had wished for the American forces all along – but one wonders how many dead young men and women have to return home, for the volunteers to run out and the need for a conscripted military to begin once again.
Maybe that’s why we don’t see protestors and placards and Mothers and Widows walking Pennsylvania Avenue anymore because our young people decided of their own free will to give the ultimate sacrifice, to protect “Us” from “Them”.
All I know is that the numbers of dead soldiers keep trickling in, Canadians and American soldiers, like water from a cracked dam, and enough over time can become a torrent and the dam, which is our tolerance for this war and these bad guys, might just break under the pressure, conscription or not.
For dead is dead my friends, whether that young soldier held a draft card or a volunteer application, and we are fighting an enemy on foreign soil that we as their foe do not know.
And each day, no matter the tactical plan, these men and women walk the narrow paths up these winding mountains and are being picked off like ducks floating in a strange pond by an unseen hunter who has walked this terrain all his life.
Yes, these eight men, their bodies will not be seen in coffins being up loaded onto Hercules aircraft, and we won’t see their youthful faces like some macabre roll call in the next issue of LIFE, but they’re dead nonetheless, and this war, “The Long War” grows longer with each day.
Does anyone know how to pitch a tent at the Lincoln Monument anymore?


justme said…
This is another "forgotten war", just like The korean war. There is no reason for us to be there. We should pull out just like the Russians did after 10 years.
Doug said…
Thank you for the invite to read your blog (from the forum, 'Why should I read your blog?').

Enjoyed this post!

Is it that we don't know how to pitch a tent anymore, or is it that we no longer know why we would?