Blogapalooza At Burb’s Buck & Buntline Inn!!!

Do you have a Life and have no time to maintain your own blog spot?
Do you want to talk off-topic on issues wholly Manson or unManson-like?
Does MsBurb say stuff on TLB2 you wish you could blog back to her in retort?
Are you Irish or say, just partial to emerald green?

These and many more questions can know be answered and all your blogging desires can now come true, now that MsBurb has opened her Pub to everyone and anything!

Yep, B3 is here!

Not just a mere sidebar gadget on TLB2 anymore; now it’s a full-fledged blog spot Pub of its very own, equipped with virtual sticky table tops, gum stuck under the stools and beer glass rings embedded in the bar top!

And at B3, anything goes, well almost…

Your topic, your time, your drunken rampage into any foray of interest, Manson-style, Murder & Mayhem in general, or just the bloated prices of roses on Valentine’s Day!

We care to hear from you but don’t care how sober you are when you make us listen!!!

B3 is still in construction but signing up and blogging away is now available!

Just send me any email address as a connection and I’ll send you a Guest Author invite, you fill out your Profile & Username (fake, embellished or just plain embarrassing!) and blog at will, anytime, on anything you wanna cough up, like so much social/political hair ball from a sloshed kitty cat!

And after I promote the heck out of B3, we can all quit our day jobs, buy yachts, moor them at the port of Marbella and drink and spout off in person ‘til we all die of cirrhosis of the liver!

But until a Bar Keep at B3 and keep the burping down to a minimum!