“Bible Thumpers” are EVIL, I Tell Ya!!!

Haiti-Missionaries-SocialCommentary 1Photo: AP
I get it, I really do.
God said, “Go forth and multiply!” and so we did…some 6+ BILLION later…
God said, “Do not kill!” and so we did…kill, I mean…we went out and invented weapons to do one another in, in the name of some incorrect and inane “Right To Bear Arms” Amendment from Hell…but Thank God, we ignored The Big Guy on this one, or we’d be at 12+ BILLION!!!
God said, “Go forth and spread the Good News!”…and so we did…we shoved our “Christianity” down as many “heathen” throats globally as we possibly could because, for sure, the means are ALWAYS justified by the end, rrright?
Just because you are American, a member of the Super Power-From-Hell, and just because you’re a pushy, brain-dead, socially blind “Christian” does NOT give you the right to saunter over to another country and “move” their children out, just in the name of your Jesus and everything you hold dearly to YOU.
Yes, there was a horrible disaster in Haiti.
Yes, the children who were already disenfranchised are now more so, thanks to the dead and dying.
Yes, it’s a 3rd World country in need of 1st World countries help.
But no, oh no, the means that these 10 “Missionaries” took to justify their own definition of an “end” is NOT, I repeat NOT, Christian, nor is it socially acceptable from ANY perspective!
And before I continue this wholly inappropriate rant, please explain to me why Extremist missionaries always have that Haiti-Missionaries-SocialCommentary 2 “look”, like they’ve had a frontal lobotomy just like Wal-Mart greeters??? And Laura Silsby was the Head Bible Thumper to boot!
Is that what happens when you graduate from Missionary School, or is this just another group of blind lambs led to the slaughter that old Charles Manson himself could still, even today, work into his own Family if the Little Dude was freed???
And you know what?
I’ll tell ya what…
Those missionaries will all be freed and will be allowed to return to the United States because Haiti knows from where it’s bread is being buttered these days…NOT because they deserve to be freed, NOT because they didn’t commit kidnapping under Haitian Law, just because Americans, who by definition, are super-powered, get yet another “Pass” in their never-ending struggle to assimilate everyone into their own fold.
If Haiti had been an oil-rich country, heck, those Bible Thumpers would have been home the same day the charges were laid. No, I’m wrong, those charges would have NEVER been laid in the first place and these lobotomized God freaks would have received medals of Honour instead…sigh…
And you know what else?
Well, you KNOW MsBurb will tell ya!
All ten of these Do-Gooders will eventually return (eight of the ten already on U.S. soil this week), guilt-free and even more emboldened to their beliefs, even more dedicated to their “good works”, so much so that I fear for the next 3rd World country which has the next need and a whole new bunch of wayward children for the taking…
Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember an 11th Commandment which said, “In MY name, you can do no wrong. In MY name, you are immune to Man’s laws!”
Haiti-Missionaries-SocialCommentary 3
I mean, I always wondered why there were only two tablets. I've always suspected that there were more but I guess Moses just dropped the others as he slipped and fell on the ash from that Burning Bush…


B.J. Thompson said…
MsBur has copied this comment by John from the Recent Comments section...

"john said...

yay i figured out how to comment:D

i wrote a few posts about this situation and these freaks.

I loved how the head nut was told several times by the haitian"govt" that she couldnt take the kids out, but she tried anyways. I would have had her shot for kidnapping. and thankfully for her antics, it is even harder now for freal good people to get these kids out and brought to proper medical hospitals in USA.

Yu think she cares that as of a few days ago, 10 children have died because of her?

or would she just say ' oh thats gods will'"
B.J. Thompson said…
MsBurb has copied this comment by John from the Recent Comments section...

Argentum Vulgaris said...

"Yay sister! evangelicals and missionaries should all burn in hell! Fight the good fight, for they are the evil on this planet!

I agree with John, it's not easy to figure out how to comment here.

B.J. Thompson said…
My Response to them, copied from the Recent Comments page...

"Hey guys, great to see you both!!!

NOTHING has changed at B3 as per the Comments gadget.

Just click on the thought bubble under the post on which you want to comment and BLAMO!, the Comment gadget will appear as always...

Or, you can Comment here as you have done on this page, BUT it will NOT appear under the referencing post.

No one in the press dared touch these dolts for fear of a negative slant to their affiliated companies but SOMEONE HAD to show them for what they are - just freakin' usurpers and exploiters of a bad situation.

So they wanted to start an orphanage but got told "No", so they kidnapped kids in a van...I didn't write on this possibility but what are the odds in Vegas tonight that those kids would have been SOLD to parent wannabes in the US for big bucks?!!!


All in the name of Jesus and God, the same Jesus and God in my head that NEVER would abide such tactics...

Hypocrisy up the a** is what these Do-Gooders demonstrate to me!!!

Thank-you so much for dropping by and Commenting, wherever you felt you could..."
Anonymous said…
the only bubble below the post I see is a rotating square, that when I clicked that the first time I didnt get this commenter, It loaded your whole page and not just this post. anyways

How dare you accuse these good christians of human trafficking Ms Burb get with the times young lady!

The politically correct term is "adoption" they arent being sold FFS ! for a mere $25,000us You "adopt"
damn drunkn canucks:P
B.J. Thompson said…
Hi John!

No, look BELOW that rotating square and you'll see a row of clickable icons...the LAST icon is a green Thought Bubble, click that and it'll bring up the Comment gadget...just like you did when you posted your last Comment, silly!

Ohhhhh yeaaaaahhhhh, rrrrright, "adoption", gotcha John, human trafficking is now called adoption...cute buzz word ain't it?! (wink, wink)
Anonymous said…
im special like this maam, ive read quite a few of your posts and gave up looking for the comment part and then forgot what I wanted to say. But I was in a better mood tonite. Now im going to bother you more often ,)
By the way if you know anyone in the market to adopt a 40yo homeless american, im your man. and also I can be willing to sell a few organs to the highest bidder. but shhh, we call that "organ donations" ,) a kidney for $50 k and Ill throw in a heart for $75k, but I will need 24hours to um "locate a donor" :D
B.J. Thompson said…
Hey John, I'm glad you finally figured my blogs out, re: the comments...I WUV to confuse readers when I can, especially when I don''t even try...(wink, wink)

Okee dokee with the "donations"...

I'd take you in but then again living IN DOORS in Canada is like living outdoors in the US, so I don't think you'd be advancing your position...(wink, wink)

Get a home already, John...geez!!!
Anonymous said…
hey lady get off my back (and onto my front)

i just got a head shrink a week ago, and I get a second one next week. A home? for a homeless 40white guy in america? that may take much more time, so they say.
sadly i lived through 0F degrees, so freezing to death didnt work:p
B.J. Thompson said…
Well, when life treats you better in the future, you'll know nothing can destroy the old Johnster then, huh?!

Hey, I thought American was the Super-Power-from-Hell...all you guys should be rolling in the "American Dream" by now...

Are you SURE you're NOT rich and just, say, forgot where you stashed your stash????

Hey, if you read this, how come you don't offer me an invitation to join your private blog? Is it just for family or something? I try to go and see you there but am not allowed in???
Anonymous said…
I ended up deleted alot awhile back. I dont know which is marked private, but I'll check again. Each blog with content should be accessable to everyone along with my mindless forum.

The only americans hat think we are a superpower are the politicians.

If having money makes one powerful, then owing others trillions of $ , then we are in fact one of the pooest lands on earth. Living life on loans and charge cards only creates debt slaves
Sarah said…
what are they talking about? the comment is not hard to find at all (just to rub it in) and totally agree with what you said in the post.
B.J. Thompson said…
Hey John, then if you guys aren't the Super Power, what are ya? Super Power Rangers??? Or credit card Chargers? Or Debt Derangos? (tee hee)
B.J. Thompson said…
Hey Sarah!

Yeah, these male dudes must be Comment-challenged...but I held their hands and they found their way...kinda...sorta...

Thanks for you vote of confidence! I'll be the Big Mouth for us all!!! (Big Smiley face here)
B.J. Thompson said…
Hey John, I promise...

My used cocktail gowns are YOURS!!!

And YES, we girls ARE smart, aren't we?!
Ms. Burb - I do find it difficult to read your blog at times with glass and that purple wine glass pointer, but I have heard the story of that buncha crackpots. They're not missionaries - they're a group (all belonging to the one family I believe) who think they're better than everybody else. Nasty little buggers - should be plonked on a deserted island and left to converse with the trees.

Seriously though, people like that are dangerous - why are some people so stupid and nasty and narrow-minded? Talk about bible bashers. Glad they're in your country and not mine.
Melbourne Daily Photo
B.J. Thompson said…
So sorry BFG, about the reading difficulty...not sure what I could do to eliminate it...will see if I can change the opacity of the BG image...but me thinks the pink cocktail glass cursor is staying...I like to wander around my blog with a glass in my mouse hand!!!

Yes, your idea would be a good one...but when I said "we" well, I really meant Americans, as I'm from Canada but heck, we're so much alike, I might as well say "we"!

Thanks so much for dropping by BFG!
B.J. Thompson said…
Thanks John...I AM a crazy Canadian girl, aren't I???

Not to besmirch your country or its citizens but at least this group of Thumpers are not Canadian, they could have easily been because we are rife with them up here too!!!

If I made B3 too easy to read then my readers wouldn't have to work so hard...and geez, that would take the FUN outta the whole deal! (wink, wink)