The Unvarnished Truth About My Man, Dan!

B3GuestAuthor-Dan-DennisWilson 1 It’s NOT like this post hasn’t been at the tip of fingers just waitin’ to explode onto the screen…B3GuestAuthor-Dan-DennisWilson 3
the sexy guest author on B3 & TLB2>>>
I DO get weak in the knees…
But, tonight, it’s been made obviously clear to me (ahem!) that Dan is in need of some SERIOUS affection!
It seems as if Dan needs some wuv, some petting, some cuddling and NO ONE, but NO ONE is out there givin’ it to him!
The Horror, The Humanity….The Horror.
Now, it’s either the above…or ANOTHER guy named “Dan” is in LOVE with MY guy Dan!
The Horror, The Humanity…The Horror!
I’m PRAYING it’s the former, not the latter, as I see my artistic, free-wheeling, musical genius guy as ANYTHING but light in the paws, if you know what I mean…
I “think”, actually, the soul of Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys is inhabiting Dan’s body, really…makes sense, doncha think, as Dennis never really had a full shot at satisfying his creative urges…I mean, B3GuestAuthor-Dan-DennisWilson 2 diving down to the bottom of where his sloop was moored at Marina del Rey, and dying trying to retrieve mementos and a picture of the wife he loved the best, seems like a wholly, alcoholic-ridden, typically pathetic way to die, right?
Sooo, yes, that’s how I view MY Dan…I think I’m in direct communication with Dennis…hmmm, I don’t think Dan can surf though…I can…I wonder if Dennis’ soul would go with me?!!!
Sorry, I digressed there for a minute…
Lack of wuv and affection for my guy Danny…rrrrrrright, that’s what I’m talkin’ about! He NEEDS some, people!
He NEEDS to know you care.
He needs to know you’re there.
He needs to know you sense his cologne when you take a whiff of air.
He needs some comments on his posts, the newer or the old.
He needs to know that he is “real”, from you, he has been told.
If you, our viewers of B3, could spare a moment or two,
And write a message to my guy, he’d smile and say “Thank-you!”
“You’re insightful!”, “You’re the best!”, “You’re prose I hold dear to my chest!”
Just somethin’ , anything really,  so Dan can stand out from the rest!
Without your wuv and affection, B3ers, I hate to surmise the end, of what was a well-ordered Comment gadget, has become a “Dan-In”, in Dan’s pen!
We wuv ya Danny…really!


Anonymous said…
Say, are a good lookin' man, Dan!


Anonymous said…
I like Dan's posts. He is so smart!


Anonymous said…
Dan's a cool guy!


Anonymous said…
Dan is the best!!!!

From Dan
Anonymous said…
I think Dan is very insightful....and is very well read....He makes me think.....I think he is a literary genius......

Mr. Poirot

(nah,'s just Dan again...)

The run on sentences give me away...
Anonymous said…
You really know some demented people, B....but Dan is the best!!!

B.J. Thompson said…

I think Burb has created a literary monster...sigh...
Sarah said…
a 'thank you'? that's all i got? i'm sorry, but i need a lot more than that!
B.J. Thompson said…
Hey Sarah, is that you, your puppy or Dan speaking???

I'm soooo confused now...(wink, wink)