3rd World Immigration…When Is Enough, Enough?

3rdWorldImmigration-NorthAmerica 1 Does this ever happen to you?
You know, when someone you feel you should not approve of because of their extremist values says something, or rather a few things, that actually make sense to you?
It’s disturbing, isn’t it, to silently have to agree that you agree with an extremist, especially if your lifelong motto has always been “Everything in moderation”.
Now, of course, as most people who suffer this quandary do, I could have privately accepted this moral conflict, told no one and sloughed the whole experience off as a bad hair day…but that is just not my style, I’m afraid. I feel better when I tell the whole world my failings, as if to do so will absolve me from them, like some sort of global Catholic confessional would. Geez, has MsBurb got issues or what, huh?
This last time I could not ignore my enthusiastic agreement with one of America’s foremost politically UNcorrect editorialists, Ann Coulter.
Yeah, yeah, I know, stop sighing and do NOT “X” out B3…just humour me for a sec, will ya!
This “agreement” didn’t come all at once, but over the last 2-3 years, as I have witnessed in Canada what I know Ann has been speaking of for some time in the U.S.
The tsunami which is 3rd world immigration to North America.
Ann recently ranted about said as per her worries over the latest tragedy at Fort Hood, “At The End Of The Day, Diversity Has Jumped The Shark, Horrifically”.
Let me back-track for a wee minute here…
I whole-heartedly agree that North America – Canada & The U.S. – became what it is today from the toil and strain of millions of immigrants over many decades, and our ancestors from countries all over the civilized world, many war-torn refugees of two world wars, were extremely grateful to be adopted into these two countries and showed that gratefulness but working the land, building communities, investing their heart and soul into the country which had taken a risk in adopting them as new citizens.
And, by and large, the “unwashed masses” of old paid off countless dividends to Canada and the U.S., by their proud assimilation into their new homeland, giving the children of the future – us – such a bright and prosperous one.
No argument there from MsBurb.
But the thankful war torn refugee of old, who eagerly wanted to assimilate and “become” as American as they could – in language and custom – is not the immigrant of today, and Ann is just gutsy enough to publicly admit it!
With the world wars over and most of the civilized world repaired and prospering for many decades since, we no longer see immigrants who are well educated, raised by refined families, more than willing to give back three fold what Canada and the U.S. initially gave them, which was a chance to make a new home in a free land.
So, no longer do we see immigrants in great numbers from Europe and other civilized continents; what we now are inundated with is the flotsam of the developing countries, yes, often from war-torn locales in the Middle East and Africa and from the stifling communist regimes in Asia.
I am NOT talking about the educated immigrants coming over here to experience our way of Life. I am talking about those people who have heard from their countless relatives that if you come to Canada and the U.S., you can rape our social systems of benefits even native born North Americans are not offered, refuse to learn our national tongue, refuse to assimilate into our customs, style of dress, or civilized way of treating others, and milk our systems for all they’re worth, sending the proceeds back to their countries of origin, all the while thumbing their noses at us, the native born Canadians and Americans.
This new brand of immigrant is not well raised nor well educated, and instead of mingling with the rest of us and adopting our American ways, they huddle together and create miniature facsimiles of their former countries, never for one minute ever desiring to become one of us or to invest in our country and what we stand for as a people.
This is the new immigrant of today, my friend, and I and Ann are not happy about it!
(Watch the hate-mail fly to MsBurb now!)
For me personally, the real bad news started with Calgary hosting the 1988 Olympic Winter Games. I warned everyone back then that all this would do would be to tell the world what a jewel of a place we have here and the whole world will show up wanting a permanent piece. Nobody listened to me back then; they were too hyped about having the games…blah, blah, blah…
Guess what B3ers, old MsBurb was right all along, and after 1988, a slow but steady trickle of the 3rd world immigrant began.
The death knell of late was when the U.S.economy bottomed out in the last few years and the Gulf Wars artificially increased the worth of a barrel of oil. And Calgary, being the oil hub of Canada felt an economic boom, and with it, the global rumour mill began to churn that this country, and this city, was and is the place to go to cash in on your own pot of gold, as it were.
Rumours and riches by themselves will not be the downfall of a country, nor a city for that matter, unless that country’s immigration policies are so lax that bin Laden himself could land at Toronto International Airport and have his passport stamped with a Canadian seal of approval even if Osama’s occupation read “Terrorist”.
Sometimes, when I’m especially paranoid, I almost think that Canada has a special place in its heart for terrorists, and when they can’t find those guys to welcome as new citizens, they then put a call out to the lowest form of Life they can find on the planet and accept them into this country in bulk, like Costco buys colour TVs!
All these slowly unfolding events have been generally overlooked by Mr. & Mrs. Middle America because we have always encouraged our global reputation as a humanitarian continent, accepting rather than rejecting the world’s down-trodden. An endearing and refined civilized, even positive behaviour when it came to the war-torn refugees of Europe, but a down right dangerous behaviour when it comes to dealing with this new form of immigrant.
Today’s immigrant comes to America arrogant and cock sure, imperious in what they expect to receive from our governments and damned if they ever intend on paying our countries back by working hard, paying their taxes, assimilating our language or our customs or investing in our communities. Today’s immigrant does not care one iota for us or our land, or as it turns out, even our laws, often coming over here, and transplanting factions of their home drug cartels, committing heinous crimes, knowing full well that even being convicted of said probably will not buy them a deportation ticket out of here back to their country of origin.
YES, MsBurb KNOWS that there are exceptions to these overt generalizations she is asserting here, and for those few who do come here with every intention of making the most out of the opportunity we provide, I definitely welcome those hard workers here in a heart beat…but these hard-working, grateful immigrants are now the exceptions and not the norm, and it’s this norm that keeps me, and Ms. Coulter, awake at night.
Do Canada and the U.S. Immigration Services have any rules they enforce on today’s immigrant? ‘Cause in case they don’t, and I’m beginning to believe they don’t, MsBurb has a few she would like to slap on the negotiation table…
  • The new immigrant MUST take English classes and MUST pass a test for minimum fluency BEFORE citizenship is granted. (If it was “de rigueur” for our immigrant ancestors of old, it’s damn necessary for the immigrant of new if ya ask me!)
  • While out in public, a certain type of North American dress is necessary. (And no, blazers over saris and unwashed turbans do not count!)
  • The new immigrant MUST take civility classes in socially acceptable behaviour BEFORE citizenship is granted. (And no, purposely talking at an obscene decibel level, bumping people in lines, eating with your fingers, spitting on the ground or talking in your native tongue when you KNOW only English is acceptable are no-go's over here!)
  • Whatever financial benefits are offered to the new immigrant CANNOT be wired “home” to their 1000 our relatives and proof of expenditure of those benefits IN Canada MUST be offered every year in your Income Tax Return, you know, the one you MUST fill out every year as a North American…hint, hint!
  • Some kind of in-kind investment must be offered and made by each new immigrant BEFORE citizenship is granted. (Examples: a) working a minimum of two years in our Arctic North, rather than down south; or b) serve a minimum two years in our military; or c) volunteering for any social services (food banks, outreach kitchens, parks and highways clean-up, etc.) for a minimum 3 years before full citizenship is offered.
Yes, these requirements may seem harsh but they are actually a walk in the park compared to the toil and strain our forefathers endured as payment for acceptance into America, and to me, the above points just seem like common sense.
IF Canada and the U.S. I.N.S. adopted such legislation, the ill-educated, ungrateful, and unwilling to assimilate immigrant of the today would decrease to a trickle, a trickle we could manage, unlike the cultural tsunami disaster both our countries are experiencing right now.
“The” war, our war, is NOT on Terrorism my fellow B3er, it’s on 3rd World Immigration and we had better face up to fighting it sooner than later if we as a continent don’t want to be swallowed whole by the dregs of society. Not nice, not PC, but our reality, my fellow North American, whether you publicly want admit it to your self or not.
You say MsBurb is being narrow-minded and harsh to the extreme, well, I told ya I hated to admit it, but Ann is right…and so am I.


Lesley said…
Hmm ... this is a tough issue. I'm relieved to discover that I don't agree with Ann Coulter on this one, though I do understand your point. Some immigrants can be scary. Terrifying, even. But ...

Here in the states, at least in the state in which I live, we are more than happy to exploit thousands upon thousands of hard-working illegals by allowing them the privilege of toiling in hot fields, cutting our grass, cleaning our homes, and watching our children. We pay them as little as possible. In fact, we brow-beat them to get the lowest price. Oh sure, we let their children go to our schools, and if they're sick we let them wait 12 hours at our emergency room. But we never let them forget that they are "aliens."

There will be a terrorist attack from within, either in the states or in Canada. Count on it. But if we slam our borders shut and look at everyone with fear and hatred, then they have already won.

Sorry for the ranting! Maybe I need to write a blog post of my own on the subject.
Anonymous said…
Ive only heard 1 inverview with ann coulter, and I tend to agree on her point of view on a few things, not just this one. We have many laws in the US and it is policy to ignore them all. One is if caoght undocumented, your deported. Now tho, your arrested and released. Gangs are everywhere, do we deport them? nope the police practically turn their backs, because ICE aka INS will not come and deport them.

Im trying to get into housing, but illegals have been on the waiting list longer then I, so they come first. WTF are they even doing on the damn list!?

Lesley has a point we do treat them as 3rd class people and pay them as little as possible. GOOD they ARE 3rd class.

Maybe we should all go to their countries, and DEMAND english translators so that we can get free housing,medical,stateaide money as we spit on them and demand more rights. afterall we we be the undocumented criminals there.
Arlee Bird said…
Oh yeah and amen to that!

One of the biggest problems in the U.S. (and probably Cananda) is that we're too nice--we embrace diversity at any cost. Our lawyers run us and lawsuits run rampant. We are so afraid of "taking away somebody's rights" that we forget about our own. It's time for tough love. Forget about what the rest of the world thinks and what the bleeding hearts at home think.
I'm sure I'm not alone in my siuation but I've been looking for a job for 9 months in this sucky economy and where I am looks like I need to either learn to speak Spanish or Chinese. Excuse Me? What was wrong with English. I'm all for learning other languages, but is it good that if I don't I can't find a good job in the place I call home. This doesn't happen in any other country.
I say toss the judges, over haul the politcal system, and stop being so nice to every nomad that wants to set up a tent in our back yards. Screw political correctness and let's start attaching stigmas to certain things once again. I like the way things were and I wanted things to be like another country I'd go there to live. It's a war where we are going to be conquered without a shot being fired because we just laid down and let it all happen.
I'm sure you'll get crybabies out there railing against you. When I did the extreme topics on my sight I think I scared people away and lately my debates have been about turkey and christmas trees. It's a good thing to think sometimes. Great post!
I'm not going to get into the debate of agreeing or disagreeing with this, there's not enough space for that. I will say that this is a very well written piece and brings up some serious issues. I may not agree with all of it but thats ok, I live in a counntry that allows that...and for that, I'm thankful.
Happy-go-Lucky said…
Ms Burb - fantastic blog as usual.

Thank you very much for your crit on my blog - I am very open to crits and I must appologise for the lack of editing in my blogs. I am often rushing and need to get things off my chest so I just let it come out of me, run a quick spell check and post it. So essentially what you are reading is a rough draft. However I appreciate what you are saying and I will put more effort into the editing in future in the hopes that it will attract more readers. Thank you very much for your input and time in assisting me - it is greatly appreciated.

Have a great day

Bruce Coltin said…
I like the fact that you took on this issue, and that you did it so unflinchingly. I agree with a lot of what you say, and I can think of some specific examples of immigrants disrespecting the privilege of citizenship that make my blood boil. I tell myself that those ingrates are a tiny minority.

I wish more of our blogger friends had weighed in on this one.

Thank you for the note you left me. I happen to be a very slow writer.
B.J. Thompson said…
MsBurb is responding here as my response gadget on B3 is having online fits:

To everyone who has commented so far, thank-you for no unceremoniously tar & feathering me on this one...

I DO apologize for this post coming in the month which is supposed to be "Goodwill Toward All Men"...was delayed due to my move...

But me thinks that Goodwill is without a doubt offered to those hard-working sincere North American immigrants who KNOW that being here is a PRIVILEGE and NOT a Right...

To all of these people, I offer NOTHING BUT Goodwill and a great Welcome to out continent...

It is to those who are NOT grateful to whom I refer in this post...

If MsBurb, the Irish Big Mouth from Canada doesn't open her's, who the heck (besides Ann, the American who HATES Canada) will, right? (wink, wink)