Hacking Horrors…The Geek Gods Are Laughing At Me!

 Blogs-Bloggers-Hacking 1 Yes, far and wide, and I really MEAN far and wide, we people, who were NOT born computer geeks stumble on to these electronic devices with the imperious air that, “I, The Great Hacker Houdini, shall never be thwarted by any programme Man can create!…

And everyday, the world over, some poor loser (not unlike myself) is losing yet more hours of sleep, hacking on programmes they never should have hacked in the first place.

There should be signs- teeny, weenie Barbie-doll sized signs, maybe a teeny weenie Blogs-Bloggers-Hacking 4 stop sign, all in red, with the words, “You idiot! What the H*ll are YOU doing in here?! I should ONLY be touched by single, pimply skinned young boys wearing Manhattan framed eye-glasses, already!”

Then, but of course, we imperious ones would step back and say, “Ohhhh, yeah, rrrright, my bad, sorry.” and go skulking off to wherever we should have been before we decided on this fool-hardy action…NOT!

Imperious as we are, as you might have gathered, we are definitely too arrogant to heed such warning signs anyhoo.

If computer programmes DID have teeny weenie Barbie-doll sized stop signs, we’d probably push them over with our huge egos and mow them down with our ginormous confidence.

Yes, and sigh…so it is I, who may have had a life before I began to blog, now, wanting all and sundry on B3 and TLB2 to be juuuuuuuust right, I tweak, I finger,
I adjust and alter, the afternoon hours after I do my real work, sliding by like so much butter on a hot skillet, into the nether regions on the wee hours of the morning…STILL in my PJs, my hair uncombed, flies gathering around me from my lack of a shower…yes, the dishes undone and the dusting, what dusting…

You know you’re becoming a hacker addict when even the dust bunnies start mounting campaigns for your over-throw!

Blogs-Bloggers-Hacking 2So yes, my two blogs look shiny and new and all spiketty-span…but me and my other Life, you know, the real one outside this screen, is Pearl Harbour meets a tsunami, if ya know what I mean!

I’m even behind on my alcohol intake, the tumbler still full and the ice long since melted! And that, my fellow B3ers, should be sounding 4 alarm warnings to any poor soul within 100 miles of me!

I saw a sign on a blogger’s blog which read, “I used to be normal until I started my first blog.”

Blogs-Bloggers-Hacking 3
Was that sign written for me, or are there like-minded hacking idiots out there, as I think there are (well and hope there are, really, as I’d hate to be the only nut in the bowl!) , losing sleep, avoiding showers and rebuffing their friends all for the vaguely satisfying feeling of a gadget or a post well done?

Heck, I’m already done this post and it’s only 2am…hacking some more anyone?!