Like Ebola in Monkeys...Castro & Kadafi Just Won't Die!

Sure, everyone from the left to the right political spectrum has tried to off these two.
And yep, they’re still there, in power, in front or behind the scenes, as in the case of Castro.Dictators, Fidel Castro, Momar Kadafi 1

And practically everyone who has ever wanted them dead has died themselves.
And we thought Mob Boss John Gotti was the Teflon Don!
He’s dead too, and these two dictators live on.
If these political tyrants are to be despised for their acts of brutality and torture, something inside me just has to admire someone, who despite all odds is still breathing, and better than that, still breathing in a position of power while their enemies have rotted into dust in coffins long since buried.
After today’s mental ramblings by Moammar, and the health scares of Fidel, one would wonder how they still wield such influential power in their respective countries.
I mean, it’s not just being in a position of power which guarantees power. heck, if that were true, my Mother would have been gassed in a concentration camp, I would never have been born and all the citizens of North America would be fluent in German whether they wanted to be or not.
And let’s not even discuss Mussolini, Amin, Arafat or Hussein…and the list goes on…all dead and gone.
Yet these two remain, why?
What do they have that other dictators don’t? Or rather, what don’t they do that other dictators have done?
Instead of remaining enemies with these men, we long ago should have taken them as friends, if not in the heart, then in the mind, to study their techniques and their recipe for survival.
It’s almost laughable how much Eisenhower, Nixon and the Kennedy brothers all made Castro their number one foe, made the entire CIA form countless strategies for doing away the Mad Man to the South, and one by one, Fidel watched as his enemies came and went, lived and died and were no more as he still was.
And there isn’t a European or Middle Eastern country which hasn’t time after time tried to “off” their Libyan neighbour with equal failure in large doses.
Nixon, on his diplomatic trip to meet with then Chinese dictator, Mao Tse Tung, said, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” And maybe that was a truism we in the West forgot when dealing with Castro and Kadafi.
Hate Communism but don’t hate the Communist.
Hate Dictatorships but befriend the Dictator.
And above all, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
Whatever the West may think about these two men, I suggest their leaders start listening to these men’s words and studying their actions if they ever want to rid Ebola from these two monkeys.