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Sunday, September 13, 2009

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john said...

yay i figured out how to comment:D

i wrote a few posts about this situation and these freaks.

I loved how the head nut was told several times by the haitian"govt" that she couldnt take the kids out, but she tried anyways. I would have had her shot for kidnapping. and thankfully for her antics, it is even harder now for freal good people to get these kids out and brought to proper medical hospitals in USA.

Yu think she cares that as of a few days ago, 10 children have died because of her?

or would she just say " oh thats gods will"

Argentum Vulgaris said...

Yay sister! evangelicals and missionaries should all burn in hell! Fight the good fight, for they are the evil on this planet!

I agree with John, it's not easy to figure out how to comment here.


MsBurb said...

Hey guys, great to see you both!!!

NOTHING has changed at B3 as per the Comments gadget.

Just click on the thought bubble under the post on which you want to comment and BLAMO!, the Comment gadget will appear as always...

Or, you can Comment here as you have done on this page, BUT it will NOT appear under the referencing post.

No one in the press dared touch these dolts for fear of a negative slant to their affiliated companies but SOMEONE HAD to show them for what they are - just freakin' usurpers and exploiters of a bad situation.

So they wanted to start an orphanage but got told "No", so they kidnapped kids in a van...I didn't write on this possibility but what are the odds in Vegas tonight that those kids would have been SOLD to parent wannabes in the US for big bucks?!!!


All in the name of Jesus and God, the same Jesus and God in my head that NEVER would abide such tactics...

Hypocrisy up the a** is what these Do-Gooders demonstrate to me!!!

Thank-you so much for dropping by and Commenting, wherever you felt you could...

I'll copy and paste your Comments and my response to the referencing
post, okay?

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